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InBound Technologies was born out of a desire to achieve greater productivity on the unloading docks. Our exclusive patent-pending software regularly achieves gains of 30% or more. Our successful track record for innovative solutions spans 20 years of reliable service to warehouse and distribution centers in an array of industries, including grocery, food service, retail, wholesale, and pharmaceutical operations.


Real-time Visibility

Our software provides real-time visibility of inbound dock functions allowing managers to make quick cost-saving adjustments. Also provides the ability to upload daily appointment schedules with expected unloading times.


Our unique performance-pay system means that multiple team members can be assigned to individual loads while the pay is prorated according to time invested. This system has proven to be 30% more productive than strict team or individual pay systems.


InBound's software provides data tracking of KPI's, invoices, rebates, and more. It also gives you the ability to customize reports and compare workloads and productivity from multiple sites.


Everyone has a warehouse management system except at the receiving dock. Money lost at the receiving dock is spread over all the products and hard to assess. Get the only software designed to capture lost dollars at the receiving dock and make inbound freight more profitable.


Merging technology and manpower to help inbound freight handlers acheive process improvement and cost-saving objectives.

Software, hardware, and a management system that regularly acheives gains of 30% or more.Add-on features developed to track container shipments and workers and businesses in 3PL environments.

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