add-on modules

Further increase the productivity of your unloading services with add-on modules. InBound offers a vendor and trailer Auditing Module to manage rejections and provide vendor score-carding and a Time Tracking module designed for working with multiple functions on behalf of multiple clients.  

Beneficial for 3PL environments

Sign into master clock

Sign into particular company in 3PL environment and then into job function

Account for each function worked, company, and down time

View KPI's and reports for each employee, job, or company

Pay by the piece, job, load etc.


 Handles rejections, trailer audits, temperature audits, and delivery receipts digitally and emails them off to the respective parties immediately cutting down on time spent managing the rejection process. 

Take a picture on any mobile device and attach it to the load/rejection in DockLink

Useful for vendor score-carding

Track early, on-time, and late carriers

Fight detention charges

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