About docklink


DockLink is an all-inclusive work system and software program, developed by freight handlers, that uses the best of individual and team pay in a hybrid labor-management system. Users see more than 30% increase in productivity using this all-inclusive, labor-management system, and a savings of up to 40% in labor costs. Distribution centers recognize that DockLink software is a must for managing the labor force at the unloading docks. LaborLink can also track container shipments and manage employees in 3PL environments through the add-ons Container and Time Tracking Modules.


Patent - pending software created by freight handlers

An all-inclusive work system and software program that uses the best of individual and team pay in a hybrid labor-management system..

DockLink System Features


Labor utilization is increased to 99%. Individual productivity is increased by 28%. Trucks are unloaded faster. Employees are paid more. How do we do it? With the LumperLink system.

By creating a hybrid environment of individual and team compensation, employees are efficiently moved between solo and team jobs, but paid based on individual productivity. This management system allows your employees to make more money, allows you to save money, and creates faster turn on trucks (which saves your client money).

Real-Time KPI's

Why InBound KPI's? With InBound's KPI's you get real-time host to post time stamps, and real-time visibility to all docks. You also have the ability to make necessary changes based on data views.

Real-time key performance indicators

  • Real-time accountability

  • Real-time feedback

  • Real-time adjustments

  • Real-time data collection

  • Carrier details

  • Load details

  • Gate-to-gate time stamps


The ability to drag, drop, and customize your own reports.

Carrier performance analysis

Benchmark and compare multiple sites

Export as CSV, Excel, and PDF formats

Ability to access real-time data

The workload and productivity from multiple sites can be analyzed and compared for any specific time period.

Real-Time Data Collection

Carrier details

Load details

Gate-to-gate time stamps

  • Appointment time

  • Driver approval time

  • Unload start time

  • Unload complete time

  • Delivery receipts sign time

Dash Board

Load and pricing statistics are available on the dashboard for   real-time analysis of the daily workload.

DockLink's dashboard can be customized to show your own  charts and graphs.

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