Smartlog® tracking for business

DOCKlink® users challenged Inbound Technologies to solve a problem that needed both a Hardware & Software solution for the safe & secure delivery of pharmaceutical product via trackable totes.  The SMARTlog© was born to meet our clients “Dream Product” needs & wants.  The SMARTlog© is also Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliant.   

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Patent pending on process (taking your GPS location info and matching with shipping information. SMARTlog® not only tracks where a product is, but tells you when it’s supposed to be there.

When, where, notifications if shipment is late. SMARTlog® adds geofences so you’re notified if your shipment leaves a certain area. You will always know where your tote is supposed to be for any given shipment/route, as well as smart notifications for exceptions that go along with it

  • SmartLog dimensions: 5” long x 2 ½” wide x 1 ¼” high – 4.8 oz (need to update if incorporating)
  • Device is placed inside tote between the ice gel packs with product  
  • Whenever movement is detected sends telemetry information every 20 minutes
  • No movement detected device will go into a sleep mode and send telemetry every 24 hours as an “active” signal
  • Commands will provide temperature, humidity remaining battery life, location, and light sensor updates
  • Commands are customized to send frequency of updates as requested
  • Devices will have a unique bar code and act as a License Plate
  • Customizable reporting capabilities to capture all delivery data points
  • Delivery time, missing tote, missed shipments, and late deliveries
  • Monitor temperatures
  • Notification of diversion and unauthorized tote access
  • Alerts to geofencing origin and destination address deviation
  • Automate receiving process with guaranteed receipts
  • Monitor battery life

Geofences are used to identify origins, waypoints and destinations.  Data integration establishes a set of circumstances to trigger tracking devices and reporting.  Backend software routinely compares data integration with destination ETA, location status and geofence status.  Reporting is triggered based on the timing and movement of product until arrival at its predetermined location.

Automated receiving processes with guaranteed receipts, as well as monitor the battery life of your devices.

Pharmacy Cold Chain & Controlled Substance Delivery Monitoring

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